Protran Technology’s TieInspect software is a comprehensive PDA-based crosstie inspection system designed to accurately and efficiently collect tie condition data based on a tie inspector’s assessment.

The PDA records the tie inspector’s input for tie condition from the handgrip. Using TieInspect, the inspector can quickly evaluate how many good, marginal, bad, failed, and total ties were counted for any given mile on the track. A complete record of all inputs is kept on the PDA and later downloaded to the host software.


  • Provides accurate tie condition information for effective tie replacement planning
  • Forecasts short term and intermediate tie requirements
  • Reports a detailed listing of bad tie clusters and FRA violations
  • Prioritizes tie replacement needs based on available resources/budget
  • Manages tie infrastructure assets and costs


  • Tie Program Prioritization: Based on condition, curvature, tonnage, climate, key routes, tie lives, rail size, any other factors
  • TieAudit: Evaluates tie inspectors by numerical comparison with an ‘expert’ inspector’s own assessment of a sample of ties
  • Age-Added Tie Replacements: Adds an appropriate number of additional ties to a replacement program to account for passage of time since inspection, tonnage, climate, and local tie life