Protran Technology’s Automated Switch Inspection Vehicle (ASIV) system aids in motoring and evaluating the status of both turnouts and plain-line track. The inspection system identifies derailment hazards, accurately measures key dimensions, verifies FRA requirements, evaluates maintenance conditions, and monitors degradation over time. When data is processed in the ASIV’s SwitchWear software suite, comprehensive turnout inspections can be created which detail many critical measurements and condition assessments needed of turnout components.


  • Special design high density rail profile measurement system
  • 1 in. (22 mm) sampling interval at 8 mph (13 km/h)
  • Provides a wide field of view
  • Identifies safety conditions
  • Inspects damage to switch, frog, or wing rails
  • Identifies track obstructions
  • Reports general maintenance conditions including: wear, plastic deformation, track gauge
  • Tracks maintenance priority index
  • System can be mounted to new or existing vehicles


  • SwitchWear software analysis
  • Key measurements of switch point, stock rail, and frog
  • Relative height, gauge face angle, point gap, flange depth, guard check / face gauge
  • Detailed report for each turnout
  • Shift report for each day