Risk Reduction Technology

         Protran Technology, the leader in Secondary Advanced Warning Technology Systems for the railroad industry, manufactures electronic technology systems that provide Enhanced Employee Protection, Hi-Rail Limits compliance and Train Approach Warning Systems. Protran Technology has over 4000 systems already implemented throughout the US and Canada with over 10 years of proven revenue service.  Protran Technology provides safety products to reduce accidents and fatalities in the Transit industry; both rail and bus.

Protran Technology manufactures the only  voltage awareness devices that meets transit agencies requirements for testing third rail and overhead catenary. The only manufacturer with ETL certification for audible and visual warning devices rated up to 1500VDC.


Protran Technology is the leading manufacturer of Enhanced Employee protection, Hi-Rail Limits Compliance and Train Approach Warning systems with over 10 years of Revenue Service.  With thousands of systems in use in the US/Canada, the Protran Technology System meets the PTC roadway worker protection and has been recommended by the NTSB, CPUC and the FRA.

Whether pedestrians at intersection, right / left turn or side /rear impact warning, Protran has a system that can meet your needs with thousands of proven systems in operation today.

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