Diving deeper into the industry, Protran Technology ensures safety when working on the tracks or traveling as an operator. Listed here are various specialty products that cover different issues in the railroad environment.

Solar Power

The ProtranPLUS Solar Power Supply System is a high quality, fully integrated solar powered communication package specifically designed to provide ample power to our Protran control units.

Facility WEB

Facility Lights

Protran provides a variety of reliable facility lights used for operation on track. Each facility light product indicates the presence of dangerous voltage.

Intrusion web

Intrusion Warning Device

The platform intrusion device will alert any train operator (within approx. 800-1200 feet in the direction the antenna platform intrusion device is pointed) or intruder within the area with visual and audible alarm when a platform gate is open without proper authorization.

Trespassing web2

Trespassing Detection

The Trespassing Detection System provides audible alerts to trespassers that a train is approaching. Trespassers are a high accident risk category for railroads and this system allows operators to identify and count trespassers in a specific area.

Flood web

Flood Detection

Flood Detection Devices are placed in areas where floods are an issue and sends warnings when there are flooding problems. There is a solar panel option that allows for installation in remote warnings.

Flood web

Speed Restriction

Speed Restriction provides train operator warning if the proper speed is not followed in safety critical locations such as a tight curved track.

Shove web

Shove & Coupling

Shove & Coupling is a secondary system for managing yard operations. With this system, the train operator stops the train at a spot identified by a magnetic detector. The Railway Worker presses the alert button when approaching the train to decouple the cars, and the train operator is alerted of his presence. Then the Railway Worker presses the button again when he is returned to safety.

Shove web

Emergency Engine Stop System

Designed for short to medium range wireless remote control of an electrical apparatus in a variety of industrial applications.

Outdoor and Indoor Train Detection System

First smart sensor that detects only those objects requested such as trains, mow equipment, hi-rails etc. entering the facility and giving a warning to personnel.


Location Awareness System™

Allows the Control Center (CC) and ROW supervision to know within a few feet  where track workers, inspectors and moving vehicles are located within high accuracy in real time on the ROW ONLY.


Rail Monitoring System

Continuously monitors changes in rail temperature, stress and rail neutral temperature.


Safety Fence System

Developed to meet the FRA ruling for "adjacent controlled track". Safety Fence screens the track worker from adjacent track movements.