Protran Technology’s Track Geometry Inspection Vehicle (TGIV) is a self propelled rail bound vehicle that measures both track geometry and catenary. The TGIV collects and records extensive information on track conditions. Monitoring track conditions overtime will give railroads a better understanding of their maintenance needs and schedule. This machine is staffed by a three-man crew.


  • Records track geometry measurements every foot at varying speeds at and above 80 km/h (50 mph)
  • Bi-directional Operation
  • Data is displayed in real time in three different forms on-board
  • Collects data on track condition including rail profile


  • Jupiter II Control System
  • APU AC & DC Power
  • Power shift transmission or hydrostatic drive
  • Video system
  • Two cameras at each end of the unit
  • One camera on top to record right-of-way conditions
  • Non-contact system, combining accelerometers, gyroscopes, lasers, and camera