The Callisto Track Geometry System Suite is an economic solution that provides reliable, precise, and accurate inertial based track geometry data for use with tampers.



Callisto: ProTamp is built on a rugged inertial measurement unit containing a GPS receiver, along with an industrial laser/camera based gauge measurement system, industry standard track geometry channels are generated and communicated to the tamper. This allows for high speed pre-recording without requiring deployment of the traditional geometry buggies. With operational speeds exceeding 25mph, tamper productivity and quality can be increased.





  • Non-contact inertial track geometry measurement system that is fully integrated with Harsco Rail’s Mark IV and 6700 tampers
  • Jupiter driven
  • Provides full complement of track geometry channels: gauge, curvature, superelevation, cross-level, twist, left and right alignment, left and right surface
  • Determines smoothed geometry from measured geometry and automatically calculates throws
  • Automatic location synchronization using GPS and data signature
  • Communication of data between tampers, or hy-rail and tamper allows for tandem work



  • Simple after-market add on
  • Allows for high speed recording without buggies extended
  • Interfaces directly with tamper control system
  • Provides for a smoother and more precise track after tamping
  • Allows for post record comparison to develop quality of work performed